Simply Good Media

Simply Good Media is an information network with the sole mission to teach you how to live your best on less. Founded in 2006 by author, entrepreneur, and social media expert Kathryn Finney, the network currently has two properties - See Jack Shop and the highly influential The Budget Fashionista.

Kathryn and SGM sites are featured frequently on major news and entertainment outlets such as TODAY, New York Times, People Magazine, Good Morning America, E! Entertainment, CNN, Style Network, and O Magazine. The success of SGM sites have led to several cross platform partnerships, including a book - How to be a Budget Fashionsta (Random House) in its seventh printing and partnerships with major brands such as Proctor & Gamble, TJ Maxx/Marshalls, Sears and Paypal. SGM sites serve a global audience of more than four million+ unique visitors a year.

The Budget Fashionista The Budget Fashionista has been saving it's readers money since 2003 and continues to be one of the most beloved women centered sites on the web. The sites provides exclusive coupons, access to top sample sale listings, and fashion and beauty tips and advice for REAL Women on REAL Budgets.

See Jack Shop See Jack Shop's sole mission is to help men look great, without spending a fortune. Period. You won't find $10,000 diamond encrusted swiss watches that can tell you the time in Dusseldorf in Spanish and call your mother every Sunday. No $1,000 loafers made from the skins of Alaskan baby seals raised on a diet of organic soy milk and gouda cheese. Just real style for reasonable prices.

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